Auctions Settings

We're bringing better wine auction features for all participants. Sellers' tools include live bidding, buyout, make an offer, and overtime bidding to prevent auction sniping. Buyers enjoy bidding via proxy, instant bidding updates, and bid retraction.

Live Bidding Updates, the time-saving feature, displays updated listing information without page refresh.

Proxy Bidding, automatic bidding, with preset increments. Ensures clients will always pay the lowest possible price.

Overtime bidding If a bid is placed during the final moments of an auction, then the auction can be extended for a specified amount of time. This allows other bidders to compete with any snipers and prevents snipers from automatically winning an auction.

Auction Editing Time Limit Time Limit 12 hours When the remaining extent of an auction is lower than the set limit, the seller won't be able to edit it. 

Auction Sniping The duration of an auction will be automatically extended if placing a bid when the auction is about to end. Sniping Duration When the remaining duration of an auction is less than 5 minutes, the time will be extended to 5 more minutes. 

Bid Retraction Limit 12 hours minimum time left on an auction. 

Change Auction Duration When the first bid is placed, the new duration is five days. Close Auctions Before End Time Sellers can end their auctions early, even in the event of a high bid. By default, auctions can be closed ahead of the scheduled date & time only if there are no bids or the highest bid is lower than the reserve price. 

Proxy Bidding Bidders can place a maximum bid on an auction. However, the active bid set will be the minimum amount necessary for them to become the new high bidders.