Auctions Settings

At 750.Auction, we strive to offer an enhanced wine auction experience for all participants by providing a comprehensive suite of advanced tools and features for both sellers and buyers. Our platform streamlines the auction process and ensures a seamless, secure, and enjoyable bidding environment.

Features for Sellers

Features for Buyers

Auction Terminology

Auction Editing Time Limit:
When there are less than 12 hours remaining in an auction, the seller will no longer be able to edit the listing.
Auction Sniping:
If a bid is placed within the final 5 minutes of an auction, the duration will be automatically extended by an additional 5 minutes to allow fair competition and prevent sniping.
Change Auction Duration:
Upon receiving the first bid, the auction duration is automatically set to five days.
Close Auctions Before End Time:
Sellers have the option to end their auctions early. By default, auctions can only be closed ahead of schedule if there are no bids or if the highest bid is lower than the reserve price.